Services offered

The principle service offered by Data Impact is that of creating solutions that enable services be offered either on mobile phones or any other mobile device.

The operations and projects we carry out fall under the following categories.

  • Payment systems
  • Data management
  • Marketing and research
    SMS solutions

Payment Systems

Data Impact offers solutions that enable your customers pay for your services either from their mobile phone or from any other mobile device. We have the capacity to develop systems that can perform real time payments between companies and/or financial institutions and their clients. This is either through platforms we develop as a value addition based on the M-Pesa service platform or totally independent payment platforms. The devices used for this are either the mobile phone or any other wireless device, including those that have biometric recognition capabilities."

Data Management

Data Impact continually invests in the creation and maintenance of a structured mobile number database. We avail numbers needed for customer specific operations or use our extensive database to carry out projects on behalf of our clients

Marketing and Research

Using our own mobile number database or that provided by our client, we can conduct targeted sms marketing for clients with great impact.
We are capable of conducting market research via sms by sending out questions to a population that meets certain criteria (e.g. a certain age bracket) defined by our client and is derived from our database. The response rate of this kind of research is much higher than conventional methods that do not involve verbal one on one interview of the person. It is most effective in reaching a wide population.

SMS solutions

Data Impact offers sms solutions that include:

  • Bulk sms
  • Running of promotions that do or do not require response from clients to short code numbers
  • Sms database query systems
  • Sms lottery solutions
  • Any other sms based activity.
Our Business Location
Physical location
We are located on 1st Floor AAYMCA building, State house crescent road, off State house Avenue.

Phone numbers


+254 721 464426